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MWDL Ingestion Status

Here is a list of the current harvesting projects we are working on as we add new collections, repositories, and partners to MWDL. If you have any questions about this work, please contact Anna Neatrour,

To include a collection for harvest into the Mountain West Digital Library, complete and submit the form for Submitting a Collection to MWDL. If your repository has not already been harvested by MWDL, see instead Setting Up a Repository for Harvest and contact us.

Completed Projects

  • Arizona Memory Project (CONTENTdm repository) - ingested 161 new collections; re-enabled regular harvest after CONTENTdm update; harvest failed, technical issues reported to OCLC
  • Brigham Young University (CONTENTdm repository) - collection name changes and deletions; reharvested all collections set by set (one-time workaround for issues with CONTENTdm OAI harvest); audit of 5 new collections
  • Idaho State Historical Society (CONTENTdm repository) - added 2 new collections
  • Montana Memory Project (CONTENTdm repository) - added new repository; audit of 5 collections
  • Southern Utah University (CONTENTdm repository) - re-enabled regular harvest; added new collection
  • University of Idaho Digital Collections (CONTENTdm repository) - Audit of 3 collections complete
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries (CONTENTdm repository) - added 1 new collection; tested harvest of new newspaper collection on test server
  • University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library (CONTENTdm repository) - audited and added 5 new collections
  • Utah State Archives (CONTENTdm repository) - added new collections


February-April 2014

  • American West Center - Utah American Indian Digital Archive (UAIDA) collection audit completed
  • Brigham Young University - 4 new collections added, brief metadata audits for 3 more completed
  • Montana Memory Project - 28 collections added
  • Northern Arizona University - 2 test collections audited
  • Utah Digital Archives Finding Aids (IxiaSoft repository) - tested harvest of UU-Marriott EAD collection and moved it from CONTENTdm to here; moved from pilot repository to NWDA core repository
  • Utah State University - brief metadata audits for 4 collections completed
  • Utah Valley University - 7 new collections added


Current Projects

  • Arizona Memory Project (CONTENTdm repository) - add new collections
  • Brigham Young University (CONTENTdm repository) - audit and add approximately 20 new collections; still waiting for OCLC and BYU to resolve data harvesting issues
  • Idaho State Historical Society (CONTENTdm repository) - add new collections after metadata changes
  • Northern Arizona University Cline Library Special Collections and Archives (CONTENTdm repository) - new repository, minor metadata adjustments underway
  • Territorial Papers Project, LDS Family History Library and LDS Church History Library
  • University of Idaho Digital Collections (CONTENTdm repository) - new repository, need to test harvest
  • University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library (CONTENTdm repository) - audit and add two new collections from USHS when ready (auditing now complete)
  • Utah State University Digital Commons (bepress repository) - add 400+ new collections, additional troubleshooting due to needed metadata changes in bepress
  • Weber State University Stewart Library Digital Collections (CONTENTdm repository) - audit and add new collections

Upcoming Projects

  • University of Nevada, Reno Libraries Digital Conservancy (CONTENTdm repository) - reharvest when server upgrade takes place
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries Digital Commons (bepress repository) - new repository, partner working with bepress to make metadata mapping changes
  • Utah Division of Arts and Museums Digital Repository (Sales Force customization: ArtApp) - new repository; retesting harvest
  • Utah State Digital Archives (Indexed Images) (Oracle/APPX/Axaem) - technical troubleshooting
  • Utah Government Publications Online Digital Library (ArchivalWare) - technical troubleshooting
  • Utah Education Network College eMedia (Equella) - new repository; XSL transform required on OAI
  • FamilySearch International (ExLibris Rosetta) - new repository, waiting for OAI baseURL for testing
  • LDS Church History Library (Exlibris Rosetta) - new repository
  • Stacks: the Idaho Digital Repository (CONTENTdm repository) - new repository
  • Boise State University (CONTENTdm repository) - new repository
  • Snow College Digital Repository (CONTENTdm repository) - new repository
  • Brigham Young University, Howard W. Hunter Law Library (bepress repository) - new repository
  • Highway 89 (Omeka repository) - new repository