Featured Highlights of the MWDL

Here is a selection of our previously featured collections and partners. If you see a featured collection one day and it is gone the next, stop by this page to view it again.


  • Bancroft's map of California, Nevada, Utah and ArizonaAmerican Westward Migration

    Maps and diaries detailing the Mountain West and westward expansion. Partner: University of Utah - J. Willard Marriott Library

  • Arabic Paper Arabic Papyrus, Parchment, and Paper Collection

    The Arabic Papyrus, Parchment & Paper Collection is the largest of its kind in the United States, containing 770 Arabic papyrus documents, 1300 Arabic paper documents, and several pieces on parchment. The collection was acquired by Prof. Aziz Suriyal Atiya, founder of the Middle East Center and the Middle East Library.

  • Didymus Papyri Didymus Papyri

    A portion of Didymus the Blind's (AD 313 – 398) Commentary on the Psalms. Partner:Brigham Young University - Harold B. Lee Library.

  • Beckwith, Frank A Frank Beckwith Collection

    Photographs of the Delta, Utah area and events. Partner: Delta (UT) City Library

  • Entrance to Caves Great Basin Association Photographs

    Photographs of wildlife and scenery in the Great Basin area. Partner: Great Basin Association

  • Fitts Park channel Hidden Water: A Survey of Salt Lake Valley (UT) Surface Water

    Hidden Water unveils surface water systems on the east side of Salt Lake Valley, both culinary and irrigation.

  • Wild Flowers Book History of Science

    The History of Science Digital Collection presents some of Utah State University's most beautiful and significant scientific treasures, many of them from the Merrill-Cazier Library's recently acquired Peter W. van der Pas history of science collection.

  • Construction of the Hoover Dam Hoover Dam Project Scrapbook Vol. 2

    Photographs detailing the contruction of the Hoover Dam and its workers. Partner: Weber State University Stewart Library

  • Parade Idaho State Historical Society Browsing Photographs

    The Browsing Photographs Collection is comprised of a vast array of subjects and locations from across Idaho. Biographies, general subjects, Native American groups, Idaho towns and Boise subjects come together to collectively form the Browsing Collection.

  • Barge on Lake Tahoe Images of Lake Tahoe

    Lake Tahoe has been called the jewel of the Sierra. The 1,000+ images in this collection represent only a small portion of the photographic images of Lake Tahoe held by the UNR Library.

  • A boy sand paintingIntermountain Indian School

    Student publications, publicity photos, and congressional correspondence about this controversial assimilation program in Brigham City, Utah, open 1950-1984. Partner: Utah State University.

  • Logan Canyon Logan Canyon Reflections

    Interviews with key land managers and users of Logan Canyon originate from the Logan Canyon Land Use Management Oral Histories project.

  • Ranchers sitting on a fence Milt Jolley Photographs

    The Milt Jolley collection includes photographs of Cedar City (UT) people and places that he used in promoting tourism in southern Utah.

  • Geology of Silver City and vicinity, Idaho Mining History in Idaho

    Photographs, maps, oral history interviews, documents and more, all pertaining to the history of mining in Idaho.

  • Henry Boyle Diary Mormon Missionary Diaries

    One of the great values that Mormon missionary diaries give us is the insight into the lives of ordinary people, missionaries and the people they labored among.

  • Grayson Ranch Barn Nevada Barns

    Nevada Barns is an exhibition of 120 photographs selected from 463 photographs of rural Nevada architecture taken by advanced photography students from the University of Nevada, Reno.

  • Carson SinkNevada in Maps

    Over 4,000 historic maps of Nevada presenting topographic, geologic, and mining themes. Partner: University of Nevada, Reno.

  • Salt Lake and Utah Railroad, known as the Orem LineOrem Heritage Museum Collection

    Historic photographs from Orem, Utah, including many industrial images. Partner: Orem Heritage Museum.

  • Trail Diary Overland Trails 1846-1869: Diaries

    Trails of Hope: Overland Diaries and Letters, 1846–1869 is a collection of the original writings voyagers on the westward trails. Partner: Brigham Young University Harold B. Lee Library

  • Cache National Forest Grazing survey camp Regreening of Cache Valley

    During the decade following the creation of the Logan Forest Reserve, forest managers and settlers worked to restore, or "re-green" Cache Valley.

  • Corralling ewes Sheep Industry of Northern Nevada

    Sheep have always played an important role in the economic history of Nevada. This collection of photographs documents almost 80 years of the sheep industry in Northern Nevada, and accompanies the Sheepherders of Northern Nevada online exhibit.

  • Students signing 1945 yearbooksTopaz Museum Collection

    Photographs of life in Japanese internment camps during World War II. Partner: Topaz Museum (Delta, UT)

  • University of Utah Theses and DissertationsUniversity of Utah Theses and Dissertations 3

    Graduate theses and dissertations on subjects such as medicine, microbiology, and history. Partner: University of Utah

  • Proclaimation Utah Governor Brigham Young (1850-1857) Special Election Proclamation

    This proclamation from Utah Territorial Governor Brigham Young calls for a special election for a "councellor" [sic] to the Legislative Assembly. The proclamation is dated October 26, 1853.

  • Utah State Constitution Utah State Constitution

    This series is the official or "engrossed" copy of the Utah State Constitution adopted by the Constitutional Convention in 1895. Partner: Utah State Archives

  • The Meaning of Folklore Utah State University Press Publications

    Utah State University Press is a refereed scholarly publisher and division of Utah State University Libraries.

  • Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)Western Soundscape Archive

    Natural sounds focusing on terrestrial vertebrates from the western U.S., including amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles. Partner: University of Utah Marriott Library.

  • Grand Canyon Western Photographers

    In the 1860s and 1870s the Intermountain West for most Easterners was an exotic, interesting, and potentially dangerous place.


  • College of Architecture and PlanningCollege of Architecture and Planning

    The College of Architecture + Planning at the University of Utah has posted collections to facilitate the study of a wide range of local, national and international architectural styles and histories.

  • Settlers Traveling West Emery County (UT) Archives

    Emery County Archives is dedicated to obtaining and preserving donations of family, organization, and agency documents and artifacts to become a major resource for research and documentation of the history, life, and culture of the people of the Castle Valley region.

  • Idaho State Historical Society Idaho State Historical Society

    The Idaho State Historical Society is a trusted guide through the state's history. Created in 1881 and established as a state agency in 1907, ISHS is an extraordinary system of cultural and historic resources.

  • Kanab Heritage Museum Kanab Heritage House and Museum

    Houses a wonderful collection of artifacts, histories, personal stories, photographs, and many other items pertaining to Kanab, other locations in Kane County, Utah, and the Fredonia, Arizona, area.

  • Topaz Internment Camp Topaz Museum (Delta, UT)

    From 1942 to 1945, over 100,000 Japanese-Americans were interned in camps throughout the American West. This collection contains an assortment of historical photos depicting the hardships met by these prisoners.

  • Uintah County Library Uintah County (UT) Library

    The Regional History Center collects, preserves, and makes available biographies, histories, county records, newspapers, maps, and photos of the Uinta Basin Region.

  • Utah Council of Land Surveyors Logo Utah Council of Land Surveyors

    Our mission statement: "To protect and promote the Land Surveying Profession by setting high standards and providing education for the members and general public."