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The Arizona Military Museum, an Arizona Centennial Legacy Project, is operated by a Historical Society whose purposes are: "To enhance the appreciation of the military history of Arizona and the contributions of the Militia of Arizona and the Arizona National Guard to the State of Arizona and to the Nation…" and "…to discover and memorialize the history of the Military of Arizona, the Arizona National Guard, and the general military history of Arizona, and to establish and maintain a museum on land leased, owned, or otherwise controlled by the Society." It also portrays events, persons, and other historical information relating to…the military service of Arizonans in wars and other military actions in Arizona and around the world. The Arizona Military Museum is an Army Museum Activity under Army and National Guard regulations. It is located within the "old Arsenal Building" which also houses the Arizona Regional Training Institute within the confines of the Papago Park Military Reservation. Descriptive text accompanying digital objects is a result of the research done by, and conclusions of Joseph Abodeely, President of the Arizona National Guard Historical Society and Director of the Arizona Military Museum.


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