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Attorney General Opinions (1892 to current, in process) are issued when requested by either house of the State Legislature, any public officer of the State, or a county attorney, on a question of law relating to their office. The Attorney General's office does not issue opinions for private citizens, nor does it offer legal advice to private citizens.

The first two digits of each opinion indicate the year the opinion was issued (I99 indicates the year the opinion was issued in 1999), and the next three digits indicate the order in which the opinion was issued. For example, I99-003 is the third opinion issued in 1999. The number in parentheses (e.g., R98-025) refers to the year and request order for an opinion. Opinions and letters before 1937 are identified by a date (e.g.. 1892-JUL-31) rather than by opinion number. Certain opinions, such as opinions ending with an "L" (e.g., 63-1-L) were written as "letter" opinions while opinions ending with "ESC" (e.g., 53-1-ESC) were written to the Employment Security Commission.

Legal custody of pre-1937 Attorney General Opinions resides with History and Archives of Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records. Legal custody of Attorney General Opinions from 1937 to the present resides with the Attorney General's office. Opinions and letters from 1937-1998 were microfilmed in the condition they were received from the Attorney General's Office and saved in PDF format by Records Management of Arizona State Library Archives and Public Records. Attorney General Opinions from 1999 to present were downloaded from the Attorney General's office website. Attorney General's opinion from 2005 to present may be found on the Attorney General's website. Opinions found prior to 2005 may be found in this collection. Opinions of the Attorney General are advisory only.

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