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Executive Orders are issued by the Governor of Arizona to establish boards or commissions or to authorize the performance of other functions that are appropriate to the executive authority of the Governor. This listing is updated periodically. New Executive Orders are being issued as the Governor deems necessary which could amend or supersede any of the Executive Orders in the listing. Each item includes the following fields:

  • The number, if any, assigned to the Executive Order by the Governor's Office followed by any additional edition or document type designations necessary to make an Executive Order uniquely identifiable and retrievable
  • A title, if any, which was found on the Executive Order
  • Additional information noted in the Executive Order which might be helpful to researchers, e.g., the expiration date included in brackets
  • The date the Executive Order was signed by the Governor
  • Notations of later Executive Orders which are noted as amending or superseding a specific Executive Order
  • Notations of gaps in the Executive Order series
  • A link to the digitized Executive Order

Executive order No. 55-N

Executive order No. 55-N
Arizona Memory Project

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