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Forrest's original photograph collection is comprised of over 8,000 unique images dating from 1898-1968. Each image is thoroughly detailed with rich descriptions that provide specific locations, individuals, dates, and contextual information - a rarity for most Archivists working with photographic collections. Forrest provided all the descriptions, switching between a first and third-person narrative voice as appropriate. As part of the selection process for putting this collection online, Museum of Northern Arizona staff and volunteers selected images that were taken in the northern portion of the state of Arizona, specifically the Arizona portion of the Colorado Plateau. From this selection and in consultation with appropriate liaisons within the Hopi community, images deemed to be culturally-sensitive (ceremonial dances etc.) were excluded. Of the 2112 images taken by Forrest that are at the Museum of Northern Arizona, 541 were selected using the afore-mentioned criteria.

Earle Forrest

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