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This collection consists primarily of documents from the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad Co., Western Division (A&PRRCo.); Santa Fe Pacific Railroad Co. (SFPRRCo.); California, Arizona & Santa Fe Ry. Co. (CA&SFRyCo.); Santa Fe Prescott & Phoenix RR Co. (SFP&PRRCo.); The Eastern Railway of New Mexico (ERyofNM) - Belen to Rio Puerco, NM; the districts and branch lines of the old Albuquerque Division; and the New Mexico Division, and the old El Paso District (from Albuquerque to Belen, NM). In addition, this collection contains a few documents from the Santa Fe's Illinois and Los Angeles Divisions, and the San Francisco & San Joaquin Valley Railway, as well as documents from the Southern Pacific Company and Union Pacific Railroad.

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