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Latina Americans have had a profound, yet often overlooked, impact throughout Arizona's history. This collection shines the spotlight on Latina pioneers in government, business, law, politics, music, and arts. In this collection:

  • Seven profiles of trailblazing Latina women who have established their own unique presence in Arizona's modern history
  • Seven vignettes which recall these trailblazers' lives and longstanding contributions to the development of our state
  • Six profiles authored by archivist and historian Dr. Christine MarĂ­n of six prominent Latina trailblazers who left great footprints in Arizona's history and heritage
  • Six concise biographical films exhibiting the six selected Latina Americans' contributions to Arizona
  • Profiles of Latina women in Arizona who are firefighters, filmmakers, businesswomen and entrepreneurs, authors, police officers, artists, and have or currently serve in the military.

Carmen Cajero and Olivia Cajero-Bedford

Carmen Cajero and Olivia Cajero-Bedford
Arizona Memory Project

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