Harold Mace Photographs

Harold Mace was born and raised in Kanab, UT. He was the only professional photographer in the greater Kanab area in the 1940s and 1950s. He was very civic-minded and recorded on film many of the events that happened in Kanab, Kane County, and the Fredonia, Arizona area. He took the children's school pictures and his camera was at many school sports events. He photographed many weddings and family portraits. He also photographed documents for people to be preserved since copy machines were not available. Before he passed away, he donated hundreds of photographs, negatives and his early equipment to the Kanab Heritage Museum so that they could be preserved.

Harold loved gardening, hunting, fishing and camping with his family. He loved music and played several instruments, including the harmonica and mandolin. He played with a small band for 20 years, and played often at senior citizen homes in the Kanab and Hurricane, Utah area. He passed away in 2008 but left a monumental legacy in photographs for others to enjoy today.

The Harold Mace Photographs collection was digitized with training and technical support from the Mormon Pioneer Heritage Institute at Snow College Libraries.

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Alton Coal Mine

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