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Building upon a partnership established in 2011, the Arizona Capitol Museum and the Arizona Memory Project have partnered to create this exhibit to celebrate International Council of Museums' "International Museum Day." Images of the Arizona Capitol Museum is a virtual tour of the permanent exhibits at the Arizona Capitol Museum. IMD projects created by the Central Arizona Museum Association members are registered with the ICOM. For more information about IMD, visit ICOM's Museum Day website.

Welcome to a virtual tour of the Arizona Capitol Museum. Beginning at the main entrance of the Museum's historic Greek Revival exterior and continuing through each exhibit to the fourth floor where life-size figures from Arizona's past reside, this virtual tour attempts to capture the basic elements of the Museum. Also included in this virtual tour are Arizona's Great Seal, a 17-foot tall Greek goddess atop a copper dome, and exhibits explaining Arizona's history, water rights, government structure and process, and statehood. The Arizona Capitol Museum also has many traveling exhibits that are not included in this virtual tour. Visit the majestic Arizona Capitol Museum, the building with the giant copper dome, to really experience the history of Arizona.

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