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Prompted by her interest in Hopi arts and crafts, Helga Teiwes, photographer for the Arizona State Museum, documented Hopi basket weavers over the course of three years in the early 1990's. Her efforts culminated into the book, Hopi Basket Weaving, Artistry in Natural Fibers. She captured the three styles of basketry woven at Hopi: the wicker basketry of Third Mesa, the coiled basketry of Second Mesa and plaited basketry from all of the Mesas. In addition she documented the women who created these works of art and photographed the materials including siváapi (rabbitbrush), siwi (dune broom) suuvi (sumac) and mooho (yucca). Her photographs illustrate how the materials were gathered and prepared and show the weaving techniques used. This collection of photographs is a representative sample of Ms. Teiwes's work.

Angwusnasomyaqa (Crow Mother Kachina) coiled plaque
Angwusnasomyaqa (Crow Mother Kachina) coiled plaque
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