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In April 1881, the Helena City Council began meeting after the public approval of a charter incorporating the City of Helena. Minutes were created after each meeting and they detailed the actions of the mayor and aldermen in establishing the framework and continuance of their municipal government. The information typically captured in these minutes included the date, time and location of the meeting, the elected officials present, members of the public who offered business for the council to consider, and any action taken by the council. These minutes were handwritten in a bound volume. When a volume, or minute book, was filled, a new one was started and this process continued. Handwritten minutes were kept in this fashion until October 1910, when minutes were then typewritten. Each successive volume was continuously and carefully maintained in secure storage by the Helena City Clerk, such that today a complete history of the activity of Helena's governing body exists. These bound volumes are carefully secured and maintained by the City Clerk and staff to the present day.


Helena City Council Minutes

Minutes of the Helena City Council, 1881-1885


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