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Charles Hauswirth was born in Butte, Montana in 1882 to Simon and Mary Hauswirth. In 1906 Hauswirth was a grocer at Forrest and Hauswirth Grocer, and later he owned the Western Fuel Company. In 1932 Hauswirth started the "Eye Opener," a self-published newspaper, which served as a venue for him to voice his thoughts on the economic troubles of the 1930s. After two unsuccessful campaigns for commissioner and sheriff, he was nominated for mayor in 1935 as a Republican. He was the first mayor in Butte to serve more than two terms, serving four terms. Hauswirth was a member of the Butte Exchange Club, Butte Lodge No. 240, BPOE, and the Masonic Fraternity. Hauswirth died at his home on April 11, 1941, shortly after winning his fourth re-election.

Charles Hauswirth Portrait

Charles Hauswirth Portrait

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