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The Boone and Crockett Club was the United States' first hunting and big game conservation organization. It was founded by Theodore Roosevelt in 1887 and continues to this day. Its mission is "to promote the conservation and management of wildlife, especially big game and its habitat, to preserve and encourage hunting, and to maintain the highest ethical standards of fair chase and sportsmanship in North America."

Among its many activities, the Club advocated for passage of conservation laws and policies such as the Alaska Game Law, the establishment of Glacier and Mt. McKinley (now Denali) National Parks, a bill to enlarge Yellowstone National Park, and many forest reserve and game refuge bills. The Club was able to lend effective support to conservation efforts due to its notable members, including Aldo Leopold, Gifford Pinchot, Theodore Roosevelt, George Bird Grinnell, Charles Sheldon, John F. Lacey, Stephen Mather, Jay N. "Ding" Darling, and many other prominent conservationists.

Letter from George Bird Grinnell to Alden Sampson

Letter from George Bird Grinnell to Alden Sampson

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