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August "Gus" Ludwig Hormay (1907-1999) developed the rest-rotation grazing management system of the Western United States rangelands and spent more than seventy years working in natural resource conservation. In 1931, after he completed his academic studies at the University of California, Berkeley, Hormay started working for the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service. For the next thirty-six years, Hormay worked out of the Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station in Berkeley, California and developed the theory of rest-rotation. In 1966, Hormay transferred to the Bureau of Land Management and spearheaded the education of government officials, land stewards, and livestock holders in rest-rotation grazing techniques. The Hormay Collection of his personal and professional papers includes daily activities during 1930-1999; numerous publications; research files on Modoc National Forest, Lassen National Forest, and Plumas National Forest; experimental forests and ranges of Blacks Mountain Experimental Forest, Burgess Spring Experimental Range, and Harvey Valley Grazing Allotment; grazing allotments and rangelands throughout the intermountain and Trans-Mississippi West 1965-1977; and Hormay's experiments with reproduction and germination of bitterbrush (Purshia tridentata) 1942-1979.

Montana Governors records 1889-1962

Montana Governors records 1889-1962

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