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James Willard Schultz (1859-1947) lived in and wrote about the northwestern portion of Montana which now includes the Blackfeet Reservation and Glacier National Park. In 1877, at the age of 18, he traveled from his birthplace in Boonville, New York to Fort Benton, Montana Territory. He became interested in American Indians, and lived for many years with the Blackfeet Indians as an accepted member of their nation. Drawing upon his experiences on the western frontier, he wrote books and articles to make a living as an author. The Schultz Collection includes photographs of Blackfeet, Blood, Kutenai, Shoshoni and Arapaho Native Americans, Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks, and historic views of Montana, Wyoming, and Arizona.

Blackfoot Native North American, Mrs. Little Dog (Imitaikwan)

Blackfoot Native North American, Mrs. Little Dog (Imitaikwan)

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