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The Arizona Heritage Commemorative Portrait Collection was generously donated to the Arizona State Capitol Museum in October 1982 by the Chris-Town Chamber of Commerce and the merchants of the Chris-Town Shopping Center. This collection was commissioned by the merchants of the Chris-Town Shopping Center for the enjoyment of all Arizonans.

These 24 original oil-pencil portraits by Roger Whitney honor people who contributed to the growth and development of Arizona. Each picture reflects the person's major area of interest and influence on our state's heritage. Chris-Town gratefully acknowledged research assistance from the Central Arizona Museum of History, the Arizona State Capitol Museum and the Arizona Department of Education. The research helped determine the interests and contributions of each of the subjects. Whitney, a well-known Phoenix artist, often worked from photos to portray both Arizonan and national sports figures in his work.

Portrait of Estevan Ochoa

Portrait of Estevan Ochoa

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