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Onlookers viewing a nuclear explosion in the distance. Onlookers viewing a nuclear explosion in the distance.

Downwinders of Utah Archive

Published by University of Utah - J. Willard Marriott Library

The Downwinders of Utah Archive presents an in-depth study of the nuclear detonations, radioactive fallout and events, which have resulted in devastating effects for Utah's """"""""""""""""Downwinder"""""""""""""""" population. Through the presentation of an interactive timeline, detailed information on each atmospheric nuclear tests conducted at the Nevada Test Site found to produce off-site radioactivity are presented as well as fallout statistics for all Utah counties presented through cartographic maps, animated reconstruction models, interactive motion charts and a variety of graphics related to testing methods, cloud heights and dispersal patterns. The archive also presents historic photographs and videos of nuclear detonations tests, archived newspaper articles and documents depicting impacts and government deception imparted to residents as well as oral history interviews with Utah Downwinders. The University of Utah Marriott Library has an excellent digital exhibit of this collection at this link:

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