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Wiscombe, Joe, hauling peas Wiscombe, Joe, hauling peas

Mapleton, Utah Historical Photographs

Published by Utah Valley University Library
Mapleton, Utah was founded in conjunction with Springville, Utah on September 18, 1850. It was officially settled in 1856, charting its own course in 1901, and officially incorporated on April 1, 1948. Mapleton, previously known as 'Union Bench' was so-named after the Maple trees in the area. The historical photograph collection showcases the city's growth. From the beginning the land was used for growing grains and crops, and fences kept the animals corralled here. Community members use the nearby cities of Springville and Spanish Fork for their shopping needs. The town finally grew, and the images showcase the strength of those families who persevered and developed the city into what it is today, with its several educational venues, parks, and its stunning agricultural beauty. The area strives to maintain its rural charm. Only one restaurant is located within the city, along with two gas stations. The city currently boasts two stoplights. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only religious institution in the city.
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