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"No on One rally on Boise Capital building's steps displaying sign saying ""Idaho too great for hate."""

No On One Coalition

Published by Boise State University - Albertsons Library
A mixture of newspaper clippings and personal photographs reflecting the events surrounding Proposition One (1992-1994), an anti-homosexual special rights referendum that appeared on the Idaho general election ballot in November 1994. The articles concern the campaigns for and against Proposition 1 and gay rights in general while the personal photographs document Don?t Sign On/No on One?s campaign against Idaho Citizens Alliance (the organization supporting the initiative) and their anti-gay initiative. The chosen articles were clipped from newspapers within and without Idaho and serve to provide a greater context for No on One?s campaign against the anti-gay initiative in Idaho. The Idaho Citizens Alliance began the drive for the initiative in January 1992 which would eventually become Proposition 1 on the general ballot. The purpose of the initiative which eventually came to be known as the ?Anti-gay Initiative? was meant to block any Idaho legislation that would grant homosexual persons minority rights. The referendum was defeated by a majority vote in the polls in November 1994. Deborah Graham?s photographs follow No on One?s (originally named Don?t Sign On) protests, rallies, and eventual victory against Proposition 1.
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