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Autumn in the High Country by Glen H. Turner (1977) Autumn in the High Country by Glen H. Turner (1977)

Orem (UT) City Art Collection

Published by Orem (UT) Public Library

“One of the best ‘little’ collections in the state of Utah,” is how artist and art educator Max Dickson Weaver described the Orem City Art Collection. Over fifty years, Weaver, along with dozens of city staff, administrators, local artists, and collectors have put together the 170 paintings, drawings, original prints, sculptures, and pieces of pottery that comprise the City’s ever-expanding collection. The art, representing the work of 106 artists, is displayed throughout the Library and other City buildings. While some pieces, like the 8’ by 18’ panels of stained glass by artists Ralph Barksdale and Tom Holdman, or Matt Shurtleff’s Dreamer, are hard to miss, others must be sought out or delightfully discovered as one turns a corner or glances down an aisle of books.

This digital collection comprises all the works online for the first time so community members, local historians, and art lovers across the country will have access to the collection in its entirety.

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