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Orem High School Tigerama 2012 It's An Ambush Orem High School Tigerama 2012 It's An Ambush

Orem (UT) School Yearbooks

Published by Orem (UT) Public Library
This digital collection focuses on the scrapbooks and yearbooks from the elementary, junior high and high schools, past and present, of Orem, Utah. Several of the schools-Spencer School, Lincoln High School, and Lincoln Junior High School-no longer exist.
The schools included in this collection, and the years of operation, are:
Spencer School, 1883-1989
Lincoln High School, 1912-1921
Lincoln Junior High School, 1921-1975
Orem High School, 1956-
Mountain View High School, 1980-
Timpanogos High School, 1996-
Orem Junior High School, 1963-2010
Lakeridge Junior High School, 1975-
Canyon View Junior High School, 1985-1989
The most recent yearbooks are subject to a five to seven year delay from the original publication date. Missing yearbooks from these schools as well as materials from additional schools may be added in the future as they become available.
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