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Weber State Literary Publications 1904 to 1980

Published by Weber State University - Stewart Library

Spanning from 1931 to 1980, Weber State had many different literary publications.Some periodicals had a longer run than others, but all provide an interesting feel for the social life of their time and a glimpse into Weber's past. The publications included are The Acorn Crumb from 1931 – 34, Scribulus ran from 1935 – 66 and doubled as a yearbook for several years, Transit from 1942 – 43, The Selector in 1948, The New Touch in 1948, Probe from 1968 – 72, Kaleidoscope in 1968, and The Aardvark Review from 1978 – 80. These publications include writings, photographs and history submitted by students, faculty and alumni.

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