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Sam Shepard Sam Shepard

Western Writers Series Digital Editions

Published by Boise State University - Albertsons Library
"Of more than one hundred sixty titles published since 1972, the majority the Western Writers titles focus on the life and work of individual writers who have made significant contributions to western American literature. These booklets provide biography, critical interpretation, and discussion of the full range of an author's work. In recent years, we have expanded the scope of the Series to include booklet-length studies of ""classic"" texts in the literature of the American west. These titles offer close readings of important western literary works. Cover art for the titles by Arny Skov. Since its inception in 1971, the Western Writers Series has been a publishing venture of Boise State University, edited by members of the Boise State University English faculty. The 23 full-text searchable titles include authors like Mary Hallock Foote, Jack Kerouac, Ken Kesey, Sam Shepar, and John Wesley Powell. Recent titles are available for purchase on the Western Writers website."
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