Public Library Partnerships Project

Training and Practical Experience Building Digital Collections for Public Libraries

In 2014 and 2015, MWDL partnered with the Digital Public Library of America to provide Digitization and Digital Exhibits at Your Library Workshops to public librarians through the DPLA Public Library Partnerships Project. With funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, MWDL staff trained 37 Utah and Montana public librarians in content selection, rights assignment, digitization, metadata, and curating exhibits and provided follow-on support and funding for these librarians to put their new skills into practice.

New Collections

As a result of the Public Library Partnerships Project, seventeen public libraries have set up or are in the process of setting up new digital collections with the help of an MWDL Hosting Hub. Check out these new collections uploaded so far!



With materials digitized under this project, MWDL is in the process of creating new digital exhibitions for display on the DPLA website. The three exhibits will be ready for viewing later this summer. Stay tuned!


The Public Library Partnerships Project is made possible by funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through a Global Libraries project managed by the Digital Public Library of America. Thank you to the Utah State Library, the Salt Lake City Public Library, and the Montana State Library for sharing training spaces for this workshop.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation   DPLA

Training Participants

These individuals completed the digital skills training in 2014.

May 2014 - Utah State Library
  • Linda Smith, Morgan County Library and Historical Society
  • Randi Jorgensen, Newton Town Library
  • Cheri Ballard, Newton Town Library
  • Elaine Carr, Uintah County Library Regional History Center
  • Suzanne Huff, Provo City Library
  • Marlise Brough, Provo City Library
  • Xiaolian Deng, Sandy Library, Salt Lake County Library
  • Branson Larson, Utah State Library
  • Rebecca Jeppesen, Tremonton City Library
  • Danielle Rasmussen, Garland Public Library
  • Alan Anderson, Washington County Library
August 2014 - Salt Lake City Public Library
  • Christie Reimschussel, American Fork Library
  • Shirley Begay, Emery County Archives
  • Roxanne Jensen, Castle Dale Library
  • Dustin Fife, San Juan County Library
  • Jason Cornelius, Logan Library
  • Cherie Willis, Salt Lake City Public Library
  • Stephanie Goodliffe, Salt Lake City Public Library
  • Julienne Parrish, Richmond Public Library
  • Kathy Downs, Smithfield Public Library
  • Adam Winger, North Logan City Library
  • Mindy Hall, Lewiston Public Library
November 2014 - Montana State Library
  • Lisa Mecklenberg-Jackson, State Law Library of Montana
  • Caroline Campbell, Missoula Public Library
  • Roberta Gebhardt, Montana Historical Society
  • Cody Allen, Billings Public Library
  • Stef Johnson, Butte Silver Bowe Public Library
  • Carly Delsigne, North Jefferson County Library
  • Dylan Carey, Ronan Library District
  • Krissi Fellon, Drummond School and Community Center
  • Adam Kish, Twin Bridges Public Library
  • Molly Aagard, Madison Valley Public Library
  • Norma Zimmer, Judith Basin County Free Library
  • Jenni Hammontree, Hobson Community Library
  • Jessica Ketola, Meagher County City Library
  • Dale Alger, Roundup Community Library
  • Lisa Verwys, Museum of the Rockies

Montana PLPP Workshop

From our post-workshop surveys

  • "I had no clue about any of this. Now I have a basic understanding and am excited to start. Presenters made it easy to understand all that goes into this."
  • "It was great realizing how our local collections relate to broader projects like DPLA."
  • "I'm really excited to start digitizing!"

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