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The Archives of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson provides information about the history of Arizona and the Southwest, with an emphasis on the Catholic presence and influence on the area.

Our collection includes:

  • Sacramental registers (baptism, confirmation, marriage and death)
  • Correspondence to and from each Bishop
  • Ephemera of parishes within our boundaries and the priests who served there
  • Art and artifacts

The Diocese of Tucson was first established in 1868 as the Vicariate Apostolic of Arizona, a designation made for missionary regions that are expected to generate enough Catholics to establish a diocese with a resident Bishop. The formal Diocese of Tucson was establish in 1897, and Peter Bourgade became the first Bishop (although he was the Vicar Apostolic for some years before). In 1969, the Diocese of Phoenix broke off from the Diocese of Tucson, taking much of central and northern Arizona under its administration. The Diocese of Tucson now covers 42,707 square miles over nine counties and has 76 parishes. Geographically, it is the fifth largest diocese in the United States.

Catholic Diocese of Tucson

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