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The Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records serves the information needs of Arizona citizens, providing access to unique historical and contemporary resources, including:

  • Archives of historical records in Arizona.
  • Library extension assistance to public libraries.
  • Library for the visually and physically disabled.
  • Museum on state government history and people of the state.
  • Public records management program.
  • Research and law library.

Agency staff provides reference services and assistance with in-depth research in subject areas of law, government, genealogy and Arizona history. Additionally, Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records offers consultant services to public libraries to strengthen county and local library services, and to government agencies of the cities, counties and state to assist in the management and preservation of official records. The Arizona State Library administers and monitors state and federal grants for public libraries and other authorized services. Additionally, the Agency offers special library and information services for the visually and physically disabled and institutionalized residents of Arizona.

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