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Heritage Square is the only remaining residential block from the original Phoenix townsite. This historic site provides a cultural respite in the heart of downtown and offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into what life was like for early Arizonans.

Since 1980, Heritage Square has been managed by the Rosson House-Heritage Square Foundation and Guild (Foundation). The Foundation operates the Rosson House Museum and oversees the management of the community park, business tenants as well as dozens of public and private events each year.

The Foundation collects objects that are representative of the diverse lifestyle of the residents of the original townsite of Phoenix. The collection consists of over 3,700 artifacts dating primarily from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Archival collections include approximately 20 linear feet of photographs, documents and oral histories related to people who lived at Heritage Square as well as documents and photographs that reflect the Foundation’s institutional history.

Heritage Square Phoenix

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