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Southern Utah University - Sherratt Library

Southern Utah University - Sherratt Library Website


The Sherratt Library acquires and provides access to materials related to Southern Utah University''s history and archives; culture and history of southwestern Utah with a focus on settlement, communities, national parks and monuments, and national forests in the area; Native Americans with emphasis on the Southern Paiutes; trails and pioneer settlement of the west; and 20th century culture and industry, such as iron mining, coming of the railroad, Utah Shakespearean Festival, Utah Parks Company, Southwest Utah Livestock Association, and Cedar Livestock and Heritage Festival.


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  • Branch Normal School Photographs
  • Beaver (UT) Murdock Academy Collection
  • Branch Normal School Catalogs
  • Utah Parks Company Employee Photographs
  • Iron Mining District (Iron County, UT)
  • Iron County (UT) Historical Photographs
  • Southwest Utah Livestock Association
  • Socotwa, Glen Canyon Voyage
  • Branch Agricultural College Photographs
  • Crawford Family, Zion National Park
  • William R. Palmer Photographs
  • R. D. Adams Photographs
  • Howard R. Driggs Photographs
  • Homer Jones Photographs
  • John S. Boyden: Three Score and Ten in Retrospective
  • Evelyn and York Jones Books
  • Allen Leigh Photographs
  • Southern Utah University Drama Photographs
  • Iron County (UT) Extension Office Photographs
  • Southern Utah State College
  • College of Southern Utah Photographs
  • John David Morrill Photographs
  • John Wesley Williamson Photographs
  • Milt Jolley Photographs
  • Southern Utah University Scholar Archive
  • Charles Ford Photographs
  • Brian Head Ski Resort Photographs
  • Cedar Breaks National Monument
  • Forgotten Chapters of History
  • Postcard Collection
  • Cedar Livestock and Heritage Festival
  • Jim Jones Photograph Collection
  • BAC-SCU-SUSC Yearbooks