Search Using Specialized Portals

MWDL Portals

Here you will find a variety of specialized search portals to help you focus your search of the Mountain West Digital Library collections. These portals help you search on only a subset of items based on subject, location, time period, or type of resource.

Mountain West Scholar


Many partners of the Mountain West Digital Library host institutional repositories. These repositories aim to capture the intellectual output of an academic institution and provide open access online.

Pioneers in Your Attic


The Utah Academic Library Consortium, in conjunction with the Mountain West Digital Library, has launched a pioneer legacy digital project wherein 19th century overland migration is being examined from every aspect of this great transcontinental movement.

EAD Finding Aids

ead thumbnail

Many of our partners describe their special collections and archives with the use of "finding aids" that provide a register or inventory of physical collections. Using a standard called Encoded Archival Description (EAD), organizations place these finding aids online, and MWDL provides a search of them here.

Mountain West Digital Library Maps

county compare

We have been working to find ways to highlight the geospatial coverage of our collections. These maps use the available metadata in the field mapped to the Dublin Core refinement spatial. The maps included utilize Google Maps, Viewshare, and Google Fusion Tables to generate heatmaps of MWDL collections.