About the Mountain West Digital Library

"[A]n essential resource for any student of the American West."
- Review of MWDL in College & Research Libraries News, December 2011

The Mountain West Digital Library is a portal to digital resources from universities, colleges, public libraries, museums, archives, and historical societies in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, Montana, and Hawaii. The MWDL has these goals:

  • Create a distributed digital repository of significant, rare, and/or unique resources from the libraries, archives, and other cultural heritage institutions of the Mountain West region.
  • Provide a public portal accessing digital collections about the Mountain West for the benefit of MWDL partners, the scholarly community at large, and the general public.
  • Expand the digital library vision and environment for the Mountain West region, and support the digital library development efforts of Collections Partners, including colleges, universities, public libraries, school libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, municipalities, counties, state agencies, and other entities as approved by the UALC Council.


Please see the "Partners" page of this site for a list of all the organizations that contribute to the Mountain West Digital Library and make it work.


See the "Collections" list of the hundreds of digital collections that are available for search in the Mountain West Digital Library.

Policies and Guidelines

See the "Policies and Guidelines" page for a clickable list of policies and guidelines that have been created or adopted by MWDL partners.


The Mountain West Digital Library is a program of the Utah Academic Library Consortium, as part of its goal to improve the availability and delivery of library and information services. Support comes from these sources:


How to search MWDL and DPLA

MWDL Tutorial

This video features a tutorial on how to search two important digital resources: the Mountain West Digital Library and the Digital Public Library of America. Users will learn how to search MWDL through a basic search, an advanced search, by collection, and by partner. After learning how to navigate MWDL, this tutorial shows how to search DPLA through a keyword search, by map, by timeline, by exhibition, and through the DPLA app library. Click on the image above to view the video in a popup window.

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