About MWDL

“[A]n essential resource for any student of the American West” -Review of MWDL in College & Research Libraries News, December 2011

The Mountain West Digital Library is a collaborative of libraries, museums,  archives, and historical societies. MWDL has welcomed members from many western states, including Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Wyoming, since it began in 2001 as a program of the Utah Academic Library Consortium.

MWDL as a DPLA Service Hub

In 2012 the Mountain West Digital Library was selected to be one of the first six service hubs for the Digital Public Library of America. DPLA was launched in 2013 as the national digital library in the United States, offering a single point of public access to millions of items from memory organizations around the country. Learn about the Mountain West Digital Library’s role as a service hub for the Digital Public Library of America.

Discovery Portal

Provide a regional search portal for public access to the digital collections of the Mountain West for the benefit of MWDL partners, the scholarly community at large, and the general public

Digital Library Interoperability

Support interoperability of records and resources through the development of common digital library standards among Collections Partners whose digital collections are hosted by MWDL Member Repositories

Digital Public Library of America On-Ramp

Serve as the Service Hub to the DPLA for libraries, museums, and archives in the Mountain West

The Mountain West Digital Library was founded in 2001 as a program of the Utah Academic Library Consortium, as part of its goal to improve the availability and delivery of library and information services.

In July 2015, the MWDL started receiving dues support from Member Repositories (hosting hubs). These Repositories host the digital collections of their institutions as well as the collections of other Collections Partners.

In addition to dues support from Member Repositories, we gratefully acknowledge the additional ongoing and historical support of many organizations: