14 New Collections from Oregon Digital!

Oregon Digital is one of our newest members and they are doing a splendid job of sending us new collections to work with. We look forward to the next set. We spotlighted some of our favorites below along with links to the rest of the 14 new collections.

Dissociation and Trauma Archives

The Dissociation and Trauma Archives contains original psychological  studies and cases in English and French. The oldest of these reports was written in 1845 regarding a case of “Double-Consciousness”. Many of these studies pertain to cases of multiple personality or identity disorder and they may be acutely interesting to anyone passionate about medical history. 

An excerpt from Hypnotic and Post-Hypnotic Appreciation of Time: Secondary and Multiplex Personalities. It reads, “I commenced to employ hypnotism as a theropeutic agent in 1889, and in less the two years treated over 500–“



Lesbian Intentional Community: Ruth Mountaingrove (b.1923) Photographs

Ruth Mountaingrove (1923– ) is a photographer, writer and artist who moved to Oregon in 1971, settling in communes and eventually co-founding Rootworks, a lesbian land in Southern Oregon. Rootworks was home to the Ovular workshops, which Ruth and Tee Corinne, another prominent lesbian photographer, and others, led. The workshops, which ran for six years, were an opportunity for women to learn photography in the context of the Women’s Movement, providing a means for the women to examine the differences between the way men pictured women and the way the women saw themselves. The feminist photography magazine, The Blatant Image, sprang from the Ovular workshops. The Ruth Mountaingrove collection consists of correspondence, diaries, ephemera, and photographs.

Photograph from the Ruth Mountaingrove papers, 1950-1999           

C. L. Andrews Photographs,1880s-1948

Clarence L. Andrews (1862-1948) documented and collected documentation on native life, natural resources, and exploration of Alaska and the Yukon. The collection (1805-1948) consists of approximately 1600 prints and 75 negatives by more than 60 photographers, dealing almost exclusively with Alaska and the Yukon. Main subjects include the towns of Sitka, Skagway, Eagle, and Valdez; modes of transportation, from reindeer and dogs to railroads, ships, and kayaks; Native Americans; totems; wildlife and natural resources.

A man identified as R. Amundsen stands in a snowy arctic landscape with three dogs. Roald Amundsen was the discoverer of the South Pole and the first person to fly over the North Pole. He is clothed in fur garments with hooded coat with fringes, pants, gloves and laced boots. Part of a mountain, or glacier is visible in the background.

Dan Powell Photographs,1970s-2000s

This collection contains interpretive and expressive photographs captured by Dan Powell, an Associate Professor and Head of the Photography Program at Oregon State University. The photographs document a diverse range of subjects from an equally sweeping range of locations including Oregon, the Western US, New York City, and many European countries.

Color image of torn photograph of a man’s chin and necktie lying on a white background. The bottom of the photograph has a blue band with black handwriting. Below the photo rests a black ceramic vessel containing a thorny twig, atop a crumpled section of black and silver paper.

The Electric Studio/O.G.Allen Photographs, ca. 1911-1913

The Orla G. Allen Photographs focus on rodeo events and people circa 1911-1913 and contain a few fantastic photos illustrating the life of the rodeo at the time.  If this piques your interest you might also look at the Grayson Mathews (1948-2007) Photographs, 1970s-1990s which contains a large collection of rodeo photos from around the 1970s. 

A man identified as Martin Schmitt is lying in the grass in front of an appaloosa horse. He is wearing a cowboy hat, long-sleeved shirt, holster containing bullets and gun, and wooly chaps. A handkerchief is tied around his neck. The horse is fitted with a saddle, bridle and reins. Coiled rope hangs from the saddle. Deciduous trees, flowers, and a wooden fence are visible in the background.

Explore the other Oregon Digital Collections! 

These are mainly composed of portrait photographs documenting indigenous peoples, events, places, and daily life from the mid 19th to late 20th centuries.

Florence M. Hartshorn Photographs
Charles W. Furlong(1874-1967) Photographs


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