2014 Quarter 2 Usage Analysis Report

Over here at the Mountain West Digital Library, we have been crunching the numbers and have gathered the most interesting statistics together in our 2014 Quarter 2 Usage Analysis Report. Looking at this data has really given us some insight to the behavior of our visitors. As you can see in the graph below, we have not had the same amount of traffic as we did last year.

We attribute this to the media attention that the DPLA launch provided us with. However, the statistics do tell us that our patrons are spending more time on the website, viewing more pages, and are more likely to come back.


These statistics are exciting to us and we hope to further build this type of an audience.

Moving forward we are looking to find better ways to track the visitors to our website. We have two immediate goals for accomplishing this. First, we will be updating our Google Analytics to take advantage of Universal Analytics. This will allow us to view a more detailed report about where our users are coming to us from, what devices they are using, and how long they have been on our site. Second, we will be working with some of our partners to understand how many of our users are successfully arriving at their content. This will give us a more comprehensive understanding of the efficacy our website.

If you have any questions about this report please feel free to contact Evan Young at evan.young@utah.edu.

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