22 New Collections from the Utah State Archives!

The Mountain West team is happy to say that we have just harvested quite a few new collections from the Utah State Archives. Some of the highlights include:

This collection contains two books compiled by the school district to document and commemorate the erection of the School Children’s Constitution and Flag Monument which was funded in part through donations made by school children with local children acting as models for the sculpture. Sealed within the sculpture is a list of every child from every school in the city in 1936 along with what they wanted to be when they grew up.

School Children’s Flag Pole and Constitution Monument Located at the City and County Building
These records include communications of all sorts pertaining to investigations surrounding radioactive fallout from the Nevada Test Site and its contributing role in the heavy losses of sheep and other livestock in 1953 among herds that were wintered in areas downwind of the site. This collection is comprised of materials from the Utah Department of Health for which the Utah State Archives is a custodian. 
Photo of horses with beta burns in a dotted pattern across their backs.

This collection contains a series of drawings and blueprints detailing the building plans for the Utah State Capitol Building.

A detailed diagram of a metal door mechanism in the Utah Capitol Building.

Also among the collections we’ve added from the Utah State Archives are a number related to genealogy, criminal data from Utah courts, and the construction of the Utah State Capitol Building.

Collections Related to Genealogy:

The following collections may be of note for those interested in family history and genealogy research. Perhaps most notable is the Utah Soundex Birth Certificate index which contains a host of useful information in the form of phonetic indices compiled by the Works Projects Administration in the 1930s.

Weber County (Utah) Court Clerk 1850 Census Population Schedule

The records in these collections form a comprehensive documentation of the commissioning of the Utah Capitol Building.  Included is a collection of renderings from the original competition to design the capitol building, photographs of the building’s construction (including a commemorative photo album produced by Shipler Commercial Photographers of Salt Lake City), blueprints, meeting minutes, as well as press and public relations materials.

Capitol Commission Capitol Design Competition Renderings

Thank you to Utah State Archives for their new additions!
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