Cory Lampert to co-chair MWDL Digitization Committee

Congratulations to Cory Lampert!  Cory has been elected and has also accepted the role as in-coming co-chair of the MWDL Digitization Committee.  This committee has been collaborating with the MWDL members and community for over a decade and has many important and impressive projects and initiatives to boast!  The MWDL community through its collaborative nature has made a huge impact in the domain of digital libraries and has worked together (with its members) to conduct research and make important contributions in areas like copyright, geo-spatial metadata coverage, digitization best practices, system migrations, digital exhibits, metadata application profiles, and many other educational and service oriented community endeavors and engagements!

Cory Lampert has the rank of Assistant Professor and is also the Head of Digital Collections at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  She has been deeply engaged with the MWDL community for over a decade.  We look forward to working closely with Cory on MWDL’s Digitization Committee projects and engagements in the MWDL community!

Jeremy Myntti, Head of Digital Library Services at the Marriott Library, University of Utah has been serving as co-chair of the Digitization Committee for the past year and half.  His experience and background in Digital Libraries has been a tremendous help in leading MWDL community projects and events. Jeremy plans to continue to serve as co-chair until the end of the year and will help with the planning of the MWDL Fall Virtual meeting as well.   Thank you Jeremy for all your contributions!

2017 MWDL Digitization Committee Summer Meeting

Jeremy Myntti MWDL Digitization Committee co-chair (2016-2017)

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