Celebrating Batman Day with Bat-themed items from MWDL

It is Batman Day today! Batman may be 75 years old but he can take out criminals with a car battery better than any other superhero. Let’s celebrate this wonderful occasion by checking out some Bat-items from MWDL collections.

We might not have any pictures of Batman in our collections, but we do have a picture of Bat Masterson!

Photo from Arizona Memory Project, Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records

I am happy to see that some students at BYU have studied Batman as an academic focus. Check out these great items from the Brigham Young University Theses and Dissertations Collection:

The American Way: What Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the X-Men Reveal About America
Mythic Symbols of Batman
It’s What You Do That Defines You: Batman as Moral Philosopher

Lastly, turn down the lights, listen to bat sounds from the Western Soundscape Archive, and pretend that you are Batman lurking in the Bat Cave.

Happy Batman Day!

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