Congratulations to University of Nevada Reno on their Digital Collections Redesign!

Digital Collections at MWDL Partner University of Nevada Reno have a new site! Check out the new portal and explore their great digital resources.

I was interested to see some of the new ways UNR is encouraging users to interact with their digital collections.

You can help identify people in photos on a Pinterest page with the UNR Photo Who’s Who Project.

There’s a new crowd-sourced transcription project available too. You can click and transcribe a page from the University of Nevada Reno Summer School Diary. I have to admit, as I was composing this blog post, I clicked over and transcribed a page. It is quick and easy to do!

I was also interested to see the new Reno Historical exhibit from UNR Special Collections, built in Omeka.

Congrats to UNR!

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