Glowing praise for linked data

The results are in. Eighteen of our twenty participants have turned in their workshop surveys and these are the comments our workshop – and mostly our amazing presenters, Silvia and Cory – generated:

“Well done, UNLV!”
“Thank you. It was awesome!”
“I was very impressed with the knowledge, experience, and initiative of the instructors.”
“Presenters were very prepared, did a good job with a difficult topic.”
“Good job by everyone. This is a great introduction.”
“Thank you, Silvia and Cory! This was a very practical workshop!”
“Presenters and workshop were great — I hope this is done again.”
“Thanks for a great opportunity!”
Truly, Silvia and Cory were wonderful. In one day, I went from a vague understanding of linked open data to a solid conceptual framework to actually creating linked open data. That’s right. After a morning of talking about LOD, we cleaned real library records and transformed them into RDF triples ready for Web 3.0 consumption. 
Now, I’m not saying that I could go out and implement linked open data in my library tomorrow. But the important thing is that I get it now and could probably explain it reasonably well if called upon to do so. That is quite an accomplishment for one day. I’m not sure how MWDL is going to match this workshop, but stay tuned for more amazing training opportunities! 
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  • Sandra McIntyre
    Posted at 23:05h, 11 October Reply

    I second that! What a great workshop and a great discussion afterwards.

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