MWDL Fall Webinar Schedule Announced!

Greetings, information professionals! MWDL is pleased to announce the final schedule for the Fall Webinar Series. We hope many of you can join us in the upcoming weeks to learn about a variety of digital library topics. We have ten exciting sessions lined up this summer and fall and wonderful speakers from inside and outside our network.

Want to learn more about assigning something meaningful to that pesky rights field? Tune in to hear Amy Rudersdorf from the DPLA provide an overview of public domain, creative commons licenses, orphan works, and implications for take-down notices.

Want to learn about generating funding for your digital project? Join Tom Scheinfeldt from the University of Connecticut Digital Media Center to talk about the best ways to raise money (and garner support) for your digital collections.

Need to convey the impact of your online collections to administrators and funding agencies? MWDL’s own Sandra McIntyre and Evan Young will teach you how to generate usage statistics for your collections using Google Analytics.

Mark your calendars for one or all of these online session. Our webinars are free and there is no password required. All you need is an Internet connection and an interest in digital library topics!

Tiny schedule available here

Or, for those of you with human eyes that can’t read the tiny text above, check out our new webinar page for the full schedule of events.

Hope you can join us!

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