MWDL Resolutions for 2014

Happy New Year! Here at MWDL we always have big plans brewing, but 2014 is looking especially bold and action-packed.  Below are some of the resolutions that are driving our plans for 2014:

1. To make the unique, historic items of collecting institutions in the Mountain West widely available and searchable to all users (who said all of our resolutions had to be new?)
2. To help more archives, libraries, historical societies, and collecting institutions digitize their materials and make those materials available online.
3. To provide more digital library training to our partners both in-person and online.
4. To provide a platform for our partners to meet, collaborate, and inspire one another.
5. To be innovative in the ways we reach out to potential users and potential partners.

Stay tuned to see how we accomplish these resolutions in 2014!

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