Happy National Library Week! If you haven’t already, take a look at American Library Association’s post about it. In the theme of Libraries Lead, take a look at several of our public library partners’ collections! Many of these collections are the results of library-led community endeavors to preserve local history and culture. Comment below with your stories of library impact in your community!
This collection features a variety of historic buildings photographs from Emery County, Utah. The photographs were taking over the years from 1880 to 1990.
Grain silo is located near the old farm owned by Dave Jeppsen. Artwork done on the silo was by the old hermit known as Harry the Hermit, who made this his home.

This collection contains unique historic souvenir images and the Official Coat of Arms of Salt Lake City.
Tinted photograph of “The Amelia Palace” or Gardo House, in Salt Lake City. Frank H. Leib noted as publisher. Postcard number 511

The American Fork City Royalty collection contains photographs of the women who served as the American Fork Poultry Days queens between 1928 and 1941, and the queens and attendants for Miss American Fork for American Fork Steel Days from 1946 to 1983.
American Fork City Steel Days winners. Pictured from the left are Bonnie Jean Wanlass, Jill Lynn Smith, and Laurie Depew.

Digitized historic photographs of the buildings, people, and history of Provo.
This picture shows the interior of the Startup Candy Kitchen. Left to Right are Minnie A. Startup Thornburg, Artie Harris Startup, unknown customer, and Hazel Singleton.

Collection consists of 12 photographs of The Tremonton City anonymously donated to the Tremonton City Library.
Intersection near City Drug Co. Tremonton was first incorporated as a town in 1906.

The Green River Public Library is a repository for historic documents involving the Green River Area. Pearl Biddlecomb Baker played a key role in making the facility possible. This collection contains some of the documents the Library has to offer, as well as documents about the life of Baker.

Portrait of Pearl Baker as a young woman in Robbers Roost country.
A chronological collection of Tooele (UT) area history between 1849 – 1890. Compiled by local historian George William Tripp.
Clipping from Chronological Index Tooele County 1886

This collection contains a visual history of the people and places in the town of Newton, UT from the late 19th century til the end of the 20th.

From left to right Jerry Jenkins, Reed Jenkins, Chief Darrell Goodsell, Norval Jones, Rodney Fabricius, Norris Anderson in front of the water tender truck and the pumper truck. The recently remodeled building that used to house the school is also in the background.
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