New Collections from Boise State University

We recently added several great collections from Boise State University!
From historic music manuscripts to photos from 1950s Kabul, here are some of the highlights:

Peter Beemer Music Manuscript
In the 1860s Pete Beemer created handwritten musical scores of songs performed by him and his band in the mining camp of Warren, Idaho. This collection contains a digitization of his manuscript along with video of modern performances of several songs.

Vivian and Phil Williams performing the intro to a traditional square dancing tune.

Doc Roach Fire Collection
The Doc Roach Fire Collection contains images captured by Doc Roach working with the Boise Fire Department. Doc worked with BFD from the time before they switched to motorized equipment through to introduction of gasoline powered pump trucks.
This collection contains slides from Lyman D. Wilbur’s travels in Afghanistan from 1958-59. Lyman D. Wilbur worked as a prominent engineer with Morrison-Knudsen company throughout the 20th century.

A street scene in Kabul, Afghanistan. Horses pull two-wheeled carriages, or tangas, along a road lined with markets.

Other recently added collections from Boise State:

Edward F. Rhodenbaugh

A big thank you to Boise State University for the new content!

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