New collections from Buffalo Bill Center of the West

We are pleased to announce the addition of a number of new collections from Buffalo Bill Center of the West – McCracken Research Library! Here are a few highlights:

MS 294 William Bell – Collection of correspondence and poems between William F. Cody, John Wallace “Captain Jack” Crawford, William Bell, and Leonard Cody Bell ranging from 1873 to 1908. Leonard Cody Bell was named for William F. Cody and was the son of William Bell, Cody’s friend and printer.

MS 166 – William F. Cody Divorce Proceedings — Legal documents from 1904-05 regarding the divorce of William F. Cody.

MS 006 – William F. Cody Scrapbooks MS6.0455 – Partial 1887 Diary/Scrapbook. Collection of correspondence from others to William F. Cody.

MS 32 – Edward Becker Collection of Indian Photographs – Black-and-white photograph album of Edward Becker of American Indians living in Crow Agency, MT in 1898. Becker received a Presidential appointment to serve as Crow Indian Agent in 1898, and his appointment document is included.

MS 002 – Victor Arland — This collection consists of a series of original letters written by Victor Arland (c. 1848- 1890) of Arland, Wyoming to Mr. C.P. Dadant of Hamilton, IL, a beekeeper and manufacturer of bee supplies and distributor of honey. The letters are handwritten in French, dated between 1872 and 1889, and for the most part are in good to excellent condition.

Thanks to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West for sharing these collections! 

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