New Collections in MWDL for November and early December!

Here is a quick summary of the great new collections that we’ve been adding to the MWDL over the past few weeks!

From Salt Lake Community College, we have the Salt Lake Community College Audiovisual Archives and the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art Collection.

SLCC: The Bottom Line Advertisement

We’ve added new collections from Utah State University, the Barre Toelken Fieldwork Image Collection and a oral history collection, Central Utah Project: Capturing Utah’s Share of the Colorado River. This collection nicely complements the other water-related collections we have in MWDL.

Bob Bennett Interview, May 10, 2013

We also recently added three new collections from the Arizona Memory Project, Marshall Trimble on Arizona, Southwest Airways and Thunderbird Field #1, and Civilian Conservation Corp in Patagonia, Arizona.

School Canyon Looking from Top of Earthen Dam to the West

MWDL is getting even more jazzy with new collections from the University of Idaho, including the Al Grey and Rosalie Soladar Memorial Collection, Ray Brown Collection, and the Leonard Feather Jazz Collection.You can also explore some wonderful photos of Idaho with the Stonebraker Photograph Collection.

Pack train near Monumental Creek

If you’re curious about what we’ve been working on recently and our upcoming projects, you can check out the MWDL ingestion queue page.

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