New LibGuide for searching the Mountain West Digital Library

To help your patrons with more powerful searching for multimedia resources about the Mountain West, point them to our new online Library Guide at  This was created by MWDL’s Web portal assistant, Nick Hayen, who is also a graduate student in Middle Eastern History at the University of Utah.

Campus Guide to Mountain West Digital Library

The Guide includes helpful information about researching the Mountain West with our web portal at, and it includes downloadable handouts you can distribute to your users. These handouts have been created with help from Cheryl Walters (USU), Catherine McIntyre (UVU), and their staff members, and may be printed freely.

  • Searching the Mountain West Digital Library
  • Example search assignments for students
  • MWDL At a Glance

If you have the ability to create a LibGuide/Campus Guide at your institution, please consider re-purposing our Guide’s content into your own system!  Let Nick (nicholas dot hayen at utah dot edu) know if you need information about documents or links.

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