New online tutorial “How to search MWDL and DPLA”

We like to think that the Mountain West Digital Library is pretty user-friendly. Our portal can’t read your mind like Google does, but all that lovely structured metadata allows users to search on exactly the information they are looking for like author, date, subject, location, etc.

Like all great resources, however, MWDL works best if the user knows how to use it. To help our users go from beginner searchers to expert MWDL researchers, we’ve created the “How to Search the MWDL and DPLA Tutorial.” By watching this video, users learn how to make the most of our resource by navigating basic search, advanced search, collection search, and partner search. Because we also love DPLA, outr tutorial includes information on how to search DPLA by keyword, map, timeline, exhibition, and via the app library. Watch, enjoy, and learn!

“How to search MWDL and DPLA” can be accessed on our homepage or the University of Utah MediaSpace.

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