Top five MWDL Facebook posts of 2013!

Once a year, MWDL puts together its usage report from the previous year’s statistics. I was curious to see how our social media sites are performing and to find out what content our faithful MWDL fans want to see on our Facebook page. I found the results rather humorous and thought you might too!

Here are the top five MWDL Facebook posts for 2013:

#1 – What does the fox really say? This Facebook post was our runaway winner with 573 views and 45 likes, comments, and shares. There was no stopping the fox in 2013 and MWDL did our part to answer that “age old mystery.” The bad news? He doesn’t really say Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!

#2 – Getting bits off disks was our second most popular Facebook post this year and it was really just a picture of me and Anna in between sessions at Best Practices Exchange. Not sure how that generated 306 views, but you can expect more pictures of me and Anna in 2014!

#3 – Adorable, old-timey kittens was our third most viewed Facebook post in 2013 with 305 views and 28 likes, comments, and shares. Why do kittens rule the Internet? I’m not sure, but at least for MWDL the verdict is in. People love kittens.

#4 – A shout-out to Gina Strack‘s Best Practices Exchange presentation was our fourth most viewed Facebook post of the year with 238 views. Whether this spoke to the powerful #‎BPE2013‬ tag or the sheer awesomeness of Ms. Strack, I cannot say. This was, however, the only post in the Top 13 that did not have an accompanying picture and that is saying something!

#5 – Robert Frost’s personal letter to U.S. Secretary Stewart Udal secured the fifth most popular spot on our list with laughable nuggets from Frost like “The beauty of my position is that I’m only listened to for amusement” and “a big vigorous economy like ours can’t keep itself from overstocking and so having to have a clearance sale once in so often.” I treasured the lively prose and sneak peek at history and am happy 195 of our Facebook readers did as well!

…and one more because it’s funny.

#6 – Dan Cohen’s wardrobe choice at DPLAfest garnered the sixth most popular MWDL Facebook post of 2013 with 190 views. For all the people who could not be at #‎dplafest‬ 2013, maybe the glimpse of Dan’s casual work wear was a worthy substitute!

I can’t wait to see what Facebook posts come out on top in 2014 and will try to give you lots of pictures, updates, and notifications worth sharing!

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