Top ten reasons to attend a Public Library Partnerships training through MWDL

MWDL is preparing three upcoming workshops to train public librarians in Utah on digitization and curating digital exhibits. Here are ten great reasons to consider signing up for any of the Public Library Partnerships trainings:

#1 – 100% free training provided by six experienced and enthusiastic digital library staff. You will learn about content selection, digitization, rights management, metadata, curating exhibits, and more!

#2 – MWDL and DPLA are providing travel reimbursements if you need to drive more than 50 miles.

#3 – Workshop participants receive funding to digitize a 100 item pilot collection for their public library. This is the easiest “grant” you will ever receive!

#4 – Free breakfast and lunch. Who doesn’t like free food?

#5 – The opportunity to have your collection available in the Digital Public Library of America, which brings national and international attention to your local collection.

#6 – Network and build relationships with other public librarians embarking or refreshing their skills in digitization

#7 – Work with MWDL to build three online exhibits that will be featured in DPLA’s Exhibitions

#8 – A free packet of resources that you can take back to your library and share.

#9 – Getting to know the staff of MWDL and DPLA. We’re very nice!

#10 – Help build a national digital library by capturing history where it exists… in your public library!

For more information or to register today go to the Public Library Partnerships page on our website.

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