Update on migration to new MWDL portal

The members of the Digitization Committee of the Utah Academic Library Consortium are conducting their review of the beta site for the Mountain West Digital Library in Ex Libris Primo. Curious about the types of issues they are noting? Anyone can access the list at MWDL Primo Issues and take a look. MWDL intern Trisha Hansen has set up a SurveyMonkey survey of Committee members about key aspects of the new portal, and those results will be available in the aggregate next week. Trisha is also working on the final touches for her in-person usability tests, which she will conduct with students and genealogists in the next few weeks at labs at both University of Utah and Brigham Young University. Meanwhile, Tracy Medley and the Primo team at UU-Marriott Library are working out various fine points about the code and display of the metadata. The beta site is available for the public to use, linked from the regular MWDL home page that still has the “old” search portal in PKP Open Archives Harvester. Searches are much faster in the new portal, and we have thousands more resources available. Wish us luck in making it to the finish!

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